Saturday, September 3, 2011

The move west...

Blog Entry

Many months later, it's time to reboot the blog. 2010 ended with 7 paintings sold mostly due to the help of the 510 Gallery. We moved to Milwaukee, found a new place near Lake Michigan and set up a new workshop in the basement. In late March I submitted three paintings to the League of Milwaukee Artist's Jury for consideration for membership and was accepted. The group has been established since 1944 and I am proud to be associated with the organization. By April 2011 I picked up my brushes again and began new work, most of it now posted to this updated site in the new work gallery. In July I took a group of 10 new works to the 510 Gallery and donated a painting to the Red Wagon Charity in Dayton, Ohio. Returning to the workshop, I have begun work on some commissioned diptychs which I will post in the gallery as soon as they are complete.

Milwaukee is a fabulous place for the uninitiated, with a world class Art Museum, many excellent galleries, and a thriving artistic community with a number of organizations. We live near Cedarburg which hosts an annual Plain Air invitational event and has an active artist guild and a supportive community. Now that I have settled in, I will keep these notes updated more regularly.

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